Sunday, November 22, 2015

ANGELIQUE's thoughts

Angelique:  Hmph!  Sigh.... Oh well.  I did want to come out of the box just didn't know the kind life I was going to be living.  I thank (the man upstairs) for my friends and that they hadn't given up on me.  Sigh...It is very relaxing living here.  I heard that my mother was buying some outfits just for me!  It's nice to have clothing that only you can wear, tee hee hee.  Though there are some gowns that do fit because they're very open in the waist area and they come with matching coats or jackets. I can't wait til I get to try some of these other outfits.  Mother says that they'll look nicer on me cause of my coloring - whatever that means.  Here's some shots Mother took of me.

I love how I look in this outfit!  And my stockings match with another pair of gold shoes!
Evangeline and Angelique
friends 4 life
Russell and I
(I need a guy with a head like mine, hint, hint!)
Was he trying to show me something?  Huh?
I definitely need a big headed guy! LOL!
I heard he's a player, but he don't want to mess with me!!
All for now!

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