Sunday, November 22, 2015


Angelique:  sigh....She finally brought me home.  Not what I'm use to but I guess it'll do.  I think I like this outfit she put on's not bad...but again, not what I'm use to.

Me:   Oh come on, really?  Don't you have friends here?  (She is so ungrateful!)  What do these dolls think?  The newest doll always gets a change of clothes and then a photo shoot.  Sometimes they even get to hang out with dolls that are already here.  At least she's not the only one "like her".  (if you know what I mean!)

Angelique:  Oh, right.  I did meet Evangeline and Evangeline 2.

Me:  Excuse me?  Evangeline 2...her name is Ginger!!  And I thought Antoinette gave me a hard time - sheeesh!  These dolls with their big heads - what do they think?  She may be my namesake but I'm going to have to take her down a peg or two.  Now listen here ANGELIQUE DE LA NUIT, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY DOLL HERE!!  THERE ARE OTHERS, TWO ARE LIKE YOU.  (Under my breath:  I think I'll wait before trying to get her a man - I have to straighten her out first.)

Evangeline:  Ahem.  Excuse me mum, let me talk to her first. 

Me:  Okay Evangeline, you give it a shot.

Evangeline:  Angelique?

Angelique:  .... .... .....

Evangeline:  Okay I understand you're upset

Angelique: ..... You don't know the half of it!!  What is this place?  I thought it was going to be ALL ABOUT ME!!!  And who's Antoinette?  And what do you mean, I'm not the only doll here?  There are more besides the Evangelines'?  (Rolls her eyes!)

Evangeline:  sigh, blows out a breath.  Look Angelique, there are quite a lot of us here.  There's the Ellowyne's, Antoinette, Jonquil, Friday Foster, Lara and Lana Croft and their boyfriends, there's Russell Williams, myself and Ginger.  All in all I believe we total thirty-five dolls.  You are here because 1. you have the same name as our mother; 2. You are a pretty doll; 3.  You look different and last but not least You will be loved. Our "mother" loves all of us.  She may not play with us, but when she does you'll know right away.  Don't be the doll you were made to be...join us....get to know us and before you know it - you'll be just like us.

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