Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OMG! The newest Evangeline!

Oh my! I was just minding my own business, reading some old emails when I came across a message from Wilde Imagination.  So, I figured, well let me see what they got going on and as I continued to scroll down - I saw her! 

Dreamstate Evangeline, $145

inset brown eyes and dark rooted brown hair
then my mouth fell open when I saw this
Beautiful But Deadly Parnilla, $185
Inset blue/green eyes (wigged doll)
Woe is me!!  Whatever am I to do?  I thought I was happy with the other dolls that I picked out and now THIS!!!  sigh...well YOU KNOW I WANT THIS DOLL TOO!!
So, I'm getting her because she's Evangeline's cousin
she has a different look from Evangeline
and she's GORGEOUS!!! WOO HOO!!  WOO HAH!!!
Is that all, you ask?  Nope, here's more.....
Dark Glamour, $189

Inset Lavender eyes and changeable red wig
and last but not least!
Seeing Thru the Darkness, $148

Platinum wig and painted blue eyes with lashes

Raven wig

What a scrumptiously sexy doll this is!
Robert Tonner has done it again!  Argh!  Now I have to choose which ones to get.  My Eva still needs a body - so I've decided to buy Evenings in Ipswich (keeping),
Evenings in Ipswich, $189

Inset Green Eyes, Changeable Blonde Wig
and I'm getting Parnilla (keeping) and Dark Glamour (Eva's new body).  I better hurry and do my taxes!!  So, these are the new ladies I want.  Oh, I'm so excited!!  I can't wait!
Oh, yes I can!!  BTW, you KNOW these are not my pictures!  I borrowed them from you know who!
I almost forgot - there's another new wig for these gorgeous ladies! 
It's called Mystery Wig, $38.....ah, here's two more
Two Moons wig, $38, Platinum
(The doll modelling is Green with Envy Parnilla)

Dark Romance Wig, $38
I didn't want to put this picture on the blog - I don't care for these eyes.  They remind me of vampires!
Green With Envy Parnilla, $145

Inset Brown Eyes (ah, that's not brown! )
Maybe 'cause she's so pale that the color of her eyes and wig don't exactly do her justice.  Oh well, so these are WI's new dolls and accessories.  Too bad they didn't sell this wig separately.
Lata!  Gotta dream.  Nite nite!


  1. Love your new picks. Now who's leaving the island LOL j/k. I do like the Envy doll love the eyes because they look vampirish(my word I think LOL)

    I love the wigged Darkness doll too. I am not going Wilde :O)

    1. Nobody's leaving - my Eva still needs a new body and I just adore these new gals. I have to get this new version of Parnilla! She's just so GORGEOUS! Family has to stick together, right? So, since they're cousins - might as well get her. Then I figured I'd get Dark Glamour for her body and Evenings in Ipswich as my extra doll - cause she's a wiggy gal! :P And after that I should be done (at least for this year anyway!) LOL!