Friday, January 11, 2013

Some dolls have to go! :(

Well I just realized that it's been a couple of months of not playing with my dolls.  I do miss playing with them though.  I feel bad right now 'cause I have to get rid of about six of them.  Yep, that's right, time to send them to new homes.  I had plan on trying to sell some, but don't really have the time to take pictures and post them.  So, I decided to give them to a little girl who loves dolls!  I know she'll have so much fun playing with them - I just have to go through all the outfits so they won't be naked.  Which dolls are leaving - you ask?  Hmm, let's see Patience (Solitary Sojurn) and Wilhemina (Wit's End), two Moxie Teenz dolls BiJou and Arizona and my two Delilah Noir dolls.  Gosh, I almost couldn't remember Delilah's last name!  Guess I'd better find some time to play with them  - maybe when it starts to warm up outside.  That'll probably be in June!  I have alot of orders in jewelry to re-create so I can't play with them now.  But I still want my Evangeline dolls that I promised to buy myself.  I know, how can I buy more dolls if I can't make time for them?  Well, if I buy them later, then when it gets warmer out I'll have them already.  sigh......

From the left:  Brittany, Alina, Wilhemina, Indirah, Evangeline, Eleanor, Fatima, Lily Noir, Patience, Delilah (blonde wig), and Savannah
Alina's gone, she went to a new home last year.  Funny, just looking at them makes me feel sad.  :(   But I already promised the little girl and I mustn't disappoint. 

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