Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're going out soon!

Savannah:     Yay!  We're going out soon!  Next Saturday can't get here fast enough!

Alina:             Did you say next Saturday?  Dare I dream?  Are we really going out? sigh....

Brianna:         Don't worry Alina, Mom's definitely taking us out!  I heard her tell Dad that she was
going out next Saturday and she's probably bringing all of us.

Alina:              (exclaiming) We are!?!  I can't wait a moment longer!

Patience:         Just have patience girl!  I wasn't given this name for nothing you know!  Mom's
been bringing our pictures to work again to show us off.  So, we're long overdue!  Once she starts talking about us - it's just a matter of time.

Brianna:        I can't wait to show off!  Whee!  (giggle)

Alright ladies, yes we're going out next Saturday.  I'll be getting everyone ready for the outing - new outfits and matching jewelry.  Plus some present surprises....  Nitey nite!

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