Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's been a while.....

Well, it's been some time since I've posted pics.  I am keeping my promise of ten dolls - just like I said.  Even though I did see some gals on sale ..... and I was watching out for a Prudence....but alas one would have to go in order for Pru to come live with us.

Wilhemina:  Oh pooh, I was hoping Mom would've gotten us a Prudence.  sigh....

Fatima:  But she did make a promise that she would only keep ten of us.  You know how adorable we are!  I'm surprised she lasted this long - LOL! 

Alina:  And she did buy us some more outfits!  I hope we get to go to an outing - I need my picture taken.  I look gorgeous and I want to show off!

Indira:  ...well, you know Mom's getting a little older this weekend and it's possibly a no-show for us getting out this weekend.  sigh.... it's been too long!  I want/need my picture taken too!  Wish Mom would show off my new hairstyle...but she won't 'cause wants us to have an outing.  :p

Brittany:  hmph!  What's all this fussing about?  You know it's Mom's birthday this weekend.  Her husband and in-laws are taking her out so we'll just have to wait.  I want to show off my outfit too!

Alright ladies, I hear ya.  Here's a couple of pics I took for the 4th of July.           Eleanor!

Eleanor wearing an outfit by Jade Penni

Who says redheads can't wear red? LOL!

Until the next time - nitey nite!


  1. Happy early Birthday woman :O) She looks good in that outfit. We will get together somewhere in there. Those ladies are getting restless.

  2. Thank you honey chile! They're really restless! Somebody left one of their shoes on the floor and I stepped on it!! Boy, did that hurt! LOL! Their day is coming soon as this heatwave is gone! Don't want them melting outside! LOL!