Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doll Alert!

Uh oh!  Bought another doll, this time it's Seeing thru the Darkness Evangeline Ghastly!  Well, my intentions were good - I was only buying her so I could swap bodies with my Visiting Frogmore EG, only I didn't realize that their complexions didn't match.   I was truly disappointed especially since Visiting's hand popped off while I was changing her clothes!  Argh!  So, now I have two EG's and I'm not liking that!  But after realizing that this gal can fit Ellowynes' wigs I feel better! :D  So, after trying on various wig styles I settled on the blonde wig and then re-dressed her into an handmade dress.  I wish I could show you some pictures, but I have to load them from my phone.  And this computer is not cooperating! 

Well, I'm not giving up finding a new body for my Eva - now she really looks depressed.  :(   Anyway, let me go and make Seeing some new jewelry to go with her dress.  Oh, by the way, I renamed her Ginger.  And it fits her too!  Nighty nite!

Ok, I'm back.  Here's some pictures that I borrowed from WI!  Shh


She looks gorgeous as a blonde or a raven haired knockout!
OK, I'm leaving now!
Ah, I'm back again!  Okay, I promise to leave for good after this.  So, here's a pic of my gal.
This way I can compare them - this is my Eva.  She's such a lovely young lady!
Maybe I'll just send her to the doll doctor to get repaired and maybe loosen up those strings.

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