Saturday, March 10, 2012

Doll talk

Savannah:  So, we got another girl.

Patience:  Yep, we did.  You know there were only nine of us.  Mom, has to have ten of us, so you know she was bound to get someone else.

Savannah:'re right.  I forgot about that.  Well, at least she's got ten of us now, so that should be the end of that.

Fatima:  Who are you kidding?  You know how Mom is, once she takes a liking to someone else, one of us has to go!  I really hope she's happy with us - I'd hate to leave.  I heard Mom talking and she says that Solange and Brianna are really happy with their new owner.  That should make her feel real good.

Patience:  Oh, that's nice.  I wonder how Alina's liking her new home.  Haven't heard too much about her.  So, who's the new girl?  What's her name?

Tine'a:  Hi everybody!  My name's Tine'a (tee-nay-ah) and I'm Indirah's twin sister.  (hugs Indirah) And I'm so glad to be here with everybody.

Indirah:  (hugs Tine'a back)  I know you'll be happy to live with us.  Mom is kind of fickle, but you know she loves us dolls.  I don't think she'll be looking to get rid of any of us.  The only thing she might do is have Ms. Bev put in some glass eyes on us, but I heard that won't happen any time soon.  speaking to her sister, "Tine'a let me introduce you to everybody."

Chorus:  "Hi Tine'a!  Welcome to our home.  We're glad you're here and can now make your acquaintance!"

Tine'a:  (looks around at everyone) I'm so happy to be here.  When my previous owner sold me, I was worried that I would not like my new owner.  Now, I'll have many friends and my sister is here too!  I am truly blessed.

Savannah:  We all are.  Now let's just pray that Mom doesn't take any more likings to other dolls.  It's very scary knowing that as soon as a new doll comes out, that we'll be replaced.  I don't like that feeling.  I'm very happy here.

Me:  Don't fret my dears.  I am very happy with my gals and will NOT be looking for anyone else.  I just .  need to learn how to make outfits for everyone.  Well, I guess in due time, but not just right now.  Besides, I love you all and just need to figure out who's coming to the doll show.  Hopefully, this year will be a better year for all of us.  I'll be having more group outings and that way everyone will have their day to come out.  I'm looking forward to enabling my friends into getting into you guys!! LOL!

Laughter is heard throughout the room!  All my dolls:  "We love u Mom!"

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