Saturday, January 21, 2012

I got her!

OMG! I almost missed her!  She came out yesterday.  I didn't get online yesterday, figured that she wasn't coming out until after IDEX.  Sheesh!  Well, after I woke up I decided to check with the ladies from my EE group and discovered that she's out already!!  So, I immediately went to WI site and bought her!!  Yippee!!  Definitely doing the happy dance!!!  Here's her pics!

New Girl, $149

close up

Essential Wigged Lizette, $119

closeup wig 1

close up wig 2

Pretty Little Lizette, $149

Wigged doll, liter skin tone

So, according to my group (from what I understand, anyway) there's more Lizette's down the road!  Yay!  So, I must save some dollars until I get the Spring catalog.  If these gals Essential and Pretty are still avail when I get paid next month  - they're next on my list.  Then after that no more dolly purchases!!  Fingers crossed!  :D

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