Sunday, January 8, 2012


Well, it has been quite a year, 2011.  So, here's my review for the dolls and the things that I've received last year.  I've discovered and purchased Madame Alexander's Paris Williams doll and Diane Evans, newer doll in the Ann Harper line.  Of course, it stands to show that as soon as you buy an old/newer doll the company comes out with the newest doll - a wigged Diane Evans!! LOL!!  But, I am happy with the purchases that I have made!  I was also able to purchase another Delilah Noir doll from one lady in my EE group and I did eventually get my Evangeline Ghastly doll.  So, here's some pictures that I just snapped around the house.  I've been very lazy lately concerning my playtime with my dolls.  These are not the pictures that I planned on taking - so maybe I'll take some time to do it right next weekend - especially since there's a holiday coming up!  :D

This is Evangeline Ghastly - Visiting Frogmore - wearing a fashion from an ebay seller (wildorchidstudio)

Here's my Friday Foster (on the left) with her half-sister Diane Evans and Paris Williams.  Don't they look lovely?

Here's the twin cousins Lana and Lara Croft with Jeremy sitting down and Russell Williams in the background.  How interesting - Russell Williams and Paris Williams...funny how I just thought of that.  No, they're not related.  Sounds like a story for the new year!

Here's a group shot of Delilah, Lilly, Wilhemina, Evangeline and some of the Ellowyne Wilde dolls.

Here's just a group shot of Ellowyne's and Nadirah and Camille.  The dolls are as shown from the top left...Patience, Brittany, Fatima, Eleanor; and the bottom left...Nadirah, Camille, Indirah, Alina and Savannah.  These ARE the EW dolls that I'm definitely keeping!!

So, that's all for now!!  Happy New Year everybody!!


  1. No you have a lot of big girls and boys!

  2. Yep, and I'm just loving them! They're so easy to dress and make jewelry for! And they're lots of fun!