Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Doll and other news

Well, let me start with the other news first....I've decided to keep Brianna and Indira. (Yay!) [from the background]  I've been looking over my pictures and it made me remember why I bought them in the first place.  I'm sending Indira to the doll hospital at WI so they can fix her neck.  ....  No more braided updo's for her!!  And now on to other news..there's a new doll in the house and her name is Delilah Noir!  She's a BJD doll.  BJD which stands for Ball Jointed doll - she's very poseable and her head pops out in the back so you can change her eye colors.  She also wears a wig (and you know I've gotten plenty of those!) so I can change her look as well.   She's very cute!  The greatest thing about her is that she can wear Ello's outfits!!  There's nothing about getting a new doll and having to buy her her own clothes!!  So, here she is DELILAH  NOIR and Crosshairs, her pet ferret!

She's Pretty in Pink!

Well, pink does work well for her!      

Crosshairs looks like he wants to get on the chair!

Delilah decided to sit...

Now she's holding Crosshairs.  Love those high heeled sneakers Delilah's wearing!  Well, I'll be taking more pictures of this young lady with her pet and let her meet some new friends! 

I love her bunny eared hoodie!

I didn't realize how many pink outfits I have!  I love how her sneakers match her new outfit!  Kewl beans!

Well, I have more pics to take of this young lady and her new friends!  I can hardly wait!  Until the next post - toodles!

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