Sunday, August 7, 2011

Doll Outing, Part II

Good morning everyone!  Here's some pics of my gals from yesterday's outing.  I still had a great time because of good company, great food and visiting FAO!!  I wasn't able to take pics the way I normally do (100 or more shots) but I was still able to get some.  Enjoy!

Desolate Dreams and Wilhemina

Wilhemina and Ello wearing Nothing Springs to Mind

Wit's End, Wilhemina and Empty Thrills

Chairman of the Bored and My Tell Tale Heart

Tears of Endearment, Wilhemina and Chairman of the Bored

Tale and Wit's

Bright Nights, Big City Prudence

Chairman of the Bored

Outfit Nothing Springs to Mind
(I've always loved this outfit)

It was so nice to go to FAO and see Ellowyne Wilde dolls!  I wonder why I never noticed her before, hmmm......  Oh well, Barbie is the doll of the past and Ellowyne is the doll of the future.  She will be with me for many years to come!  Love you Ell!

Chorus:  We love you too Mom!

Now for the pics you've been waiting for!


Eleanor, Wilhemina and Nadirah

Wilhemina wearing her new sunglasses!  But alas there was no sun!

Solange, Brittany and Fatima
Solange's wearing her sunglasses too, but no sun!

Wilhemina, Eleanor, Nadirah and Indira, sitting

Solange shows off her style!

I won the sunglasses from bittyboutique on ebay!  I love you Rita!  More pics.....


Brittany and Fatima

Friends 4 ever!

Group shot of other dolls and mine!

Well everyone, hope you enjoy the photos!  This is all I got just before the rain started coming down!  At least none of the ladies got too wet before we packed them up.  Look for more photos during the week.  These will be hanging around the house photos!  Until then, love you!  :D

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