Sunday, May 31, 2015

We went out!!

Lizette:  Wow!  Mom finally took us out!  Yay!

Piper:  Hoot! Hoot!  You know this is the first time that I've come out!

Lizette:  Really?  Wow, I didn't know that.  Well good thing Mom chose you.

Amber:  Oh, please.  Why do you spend so much time worrying about that?  You should be concentrating on me!

Lizette and Piper look at each other.

Lizette:  Huh?  Oh brother, now you sound like Antoinette!

Piper:  Who's Antoinette?

Lizette:  One of the most spoiled Tonner dolls.  She would give Amber a run for her money.

Here's the pictures:



Mz. Amber


We went to Bryant Park on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, in Manhattan.  It was a great time and the day was so beautiful!  Thank you Jesus!  We had an awesome time and are so looking forward to the next one.



  1. Oh Angie, please don't make me want them!

  2. Do you knit your outfits and if so do you sale the patterns thank you linda swain