Sunday, April 22, 2012

Doll Talk II

Me:  Finally got some rest - whoo was I tired!  All that walking...even though it was good exercise.  We stopped at toys r us, I was hoping to get some outfits from Teen Trends.  They didn't have any, but I was able to purchase two outfits and two wigs for my Moxie Teenz at sale prices!!  Woo hoo!  Anyway, here's the girls.....

Eva:  Mom took lots of pictures of me.  I did look nice in the outfit she bought for me.  Everyone loved my jewelry!  (Thanks Mom!)

And no, I'm not getting a big head!!  My name is not Antoinette! (giggle)

Fatima:  I didn't say anything!  tee hee hee  I'm just happy we finally went out.  I overheard the other adults saying that they were going home.  For a minute there I thought uh oh no pictures?  Wah!

Paris:  You're so funny!  I knew Mom wasn't ready to go home.  Taking pics in the restaurant is not her style.  I know that when the weather gets nice again, we're going to the park by Mom's job.

Fatima:  How do you know?  You haven't been here long enough to know that.

Paris:  Well, I don't have to be here long to understand the workings of our mother's mind!  Especially when it comes to us dolls!

Liz:  Well I'm glad Mom was able to FINALLY take pictures of us in our new outfits!!  I think my hair was beginning to come undone from lying around in that bag of hers.

Angel:  Well, I'm glad too that mom was able to take pictures of all of us.  Uh, where's Diane?  Diane!?!

Diane:  Huh?  Here I am!  I'm just very quiet...trying to relax and give mom some time to get our pictures posted. 

Angel:  Oh, okay.  I know mom's planning on getting you some nice outfits that fit.  Mom definitely has good taste when it comes for clothing for us.




Diane:  I noticed that mom only took a few pictures of the other dolls.  I guess she's over the love of the little dolls.

Fatima:  How do YOU know this?  You haven't been here long either?!

Angel:  Fatima, calm down please.  We heard mom talking about them.  She tells all her friends that she's no longer interested in playing with those dolls anymore.  Although she still has a few,  they're still in their boxes and are not coming out.  A doll collector/lover like our mom NEVER forgets the dolls that started it all.

Fatima:  Oh, okay.  You are so right Angel.  I guess there's nothing wrong with supporting other's love of their dolls.  I gotcha!  (whispering..she hasn't been here long either.  How does she know all that?)

Eva:  Fatima, you should know this yourself.  Haven't you been listening to the other dolls?  The ones who've been here the longest?  When everybody's busy fussing, I listen.  That's a collector's world.  There's always the FIRST doll who starts everything for all of us to exist.  I know that Mom still has love for Barbie and always will.  That's how we stay memories.  And happy memories at that.

Fatima:  Wow!  Alright, let me stop fussin! LOL!

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