Friday, April 15, 2011

Surprise, surprise!

I have outdid myself!  Did that sound right?  I have two Ello's coming to live with us - woo hoo!!  Invisible Ink and Feeling Drained!  I love love love these Ellowyne Wilde dolls!!!  :D

Here's what my gals going to look like..... btw these pics are from Wilde Imagination, just borrowed!

orig photo

full photo

with wig

partial repaint by enchantedd!  Whoopee!!  I can hardly wait!  Here's a repaint of Invisible Ink by this same lovely lady....err dont seem to have a picture.  OK, here's another pic from WI


  1. Thank you! She is isn't she?

  2. I really like the wigged girl..2 more huh? You will end up with more EW than I do of Momoko. Actually you already do have more..LOL

  3. Well, I'll be picking up Invisible tomorrow morning at the post office before going to work! Woo hoo! Hopefully her wigs will be there too!