Sunday, January 2, 2011

Patience and friends

Well,it's the beginning of the new year and I have yet to post pics of my last doll of 2010...Patience.  Here's some pix of her with her friends. 

And I even had a dress waiting just for her!

Here's a group photo!  I just love redressing these dolls!  They are just perfect!  Here's some more pics of them just relaxin and enjoying each other's company!

It's all about Patience!

I won this lovely outfit from an ebay seller signs_4_u.  Her ebay store name is Maggie and Kate Create.  They created these beautiful handknitted outfits with matching pocketbook and jewelry.  I won alot of outfits from them.  Check them out!


They love doing this posing thing!

I love this outfit for me!  :D

She's wearing this outfit!  You go girl!

I did promise I'd post pics of everybody, didn't I?  OK, so here we go!


Green looks good on her!  Here's some more photos!

And the other young ladies.....

Brianna in auburne....

just relaxin

and last but not least....

Brittany..lookin gorgeous in b/w!

looking serene

I am really loving these dolls.  Hopefully, these will be the last of the bigger dolls that I'm getting into.  But we mustn't forget The Croft Family!  That'll be on another post!  Enjoy!

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