Tuesday, December 25, 2012

January is just around the corner

My dolls are all upset with me 'cause I haven't been playing with them.  I've been making jewelry.  When I went to the bead show this year, I heard about a new beading style called Kumihimo.  Kumihimo is a Japanese style of braiding.  You can use any kind of string, wire, leather and it comes out like a spiral.  I just finished making a bracelet last night = but my iPod is giving me a hard time with pictures.  Here's some examples of what I'm talking about.  (These pics are not mine, but are borrowed from the designers).

made with 6/o seed beads and a round foam plate
made with tear drop beads

made with rattail string

I made one similar to this one

this is made using a square foam plate
the beads are on either side and the braid is in the middle.

this one is made using 8mm beads

This is my arm with a bracelet that I made using a stitch called Peyote.
(pronounced pe-yo-tee)

So, I plan on selling my wares next year - I just need some inventory.  I haven't forgotten my dolls.  I'll probably spend some time with them for the new year.